Hi I'm Kelsey also known as kelseykelsey 42 on twitter idk and I run this blog and also the pagetpagetfans twitter and i just want Paget to know how much I appreciate her existence and her perfection.

Emily Prentiss 

Title: Frank and Sadie's Christmas Carols


Audio is from The Thrilling Adventure Hour #52: Christmas on Mars

I’m about to go get my wisdom teeth pulled, so here’s something funny to tide you over this weekend while I’m bleeding and drooling and having cosmic experiences with vicodin…enjoy.


5th Annual L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade Event at Royce Quad, UCLA in Los Angeles (9.20.14)


Beyond Belief! (via thrillingadv)


Favorite Paget Characters in No Particular Order:

Beth Huffstodt from Huff

Pod #179


Beyond Belief, “The Bloodsucker Proxy” Variant A

Recorded on May 3, 2014 at Largo, Los Angeles

Recorded at Largo in LA on May 3, 2014, and later performed for the “official’ version at Town Hall in NY. We made some clarifications, changes, and punch-ups after the LA show, but everyone’s…

Title: A Nightmare Beyond Belief (Reprise)


A Nightmare Beyond Belief (Reprise)

Lyrics here from The Thrilling Adventure Hour Wiki.

Music and lyrics by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker and Eban Schletter.

Audio is from The Thrilling Adventure Hour #143: A Halloween Beyond Belief

Watch "Festival of Arts' Master of Pageants CM cast" on YouTube


Festival of Arts’ Master of Pageants CM cast: