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NEW SHOW: Friday, October 24 - The Great Wits/Thrilling Adventure Hour Crossover featuring special comedy guest "Weird Al" Yankovic, Paul F. Tompkins, and Paget Brewster with music guest Rhett Miller of the Old 97’s

WE GET TO DO A SHOW WITH OUR FRIENDS AT THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR! Set your radio dials to awesome, friends, because this is going to melt some minds.

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Favorite Paget Characters in No Particular Order:

Jessica Green from Andy Richter Controls the Universe

Paget Brewster as Charlotte in Stacked (3/3)

Paget Brewster as Charlotte in Stacked (2/3)

Paget Brewster as Charlotte in Stacked (1/3)


Thrilling Adventure Hour | 05.03.14

Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster, and Janet Varney


TV Guide November 1, 1997

When she tried out for a recurring role on NBC’s Friends, Paget Brewster was convinced she wouldn’t make the cut. “The other women auditioning were stunning, like supermodel gorgeous,” she says. “I said, ‘I must be your runty alternate.’”

That apparently sealed the deal. “[Matthew] Perry said the moment I called myself a runt, I got the job!”

During her six-episode stint, which began with the October 3 show, Brewster plays Kathy, a medical assistant/actress in a tricky triangle between Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler (Perry). “She ends up dating Joey because she met him in acting class,” she says, “but it’s suggested that [Chandler and Kathy] are meant for each other.”

The Massachusetts native is over-joyed with her big break, which came after small theater productions and her own local late-night talk program, The Paget Show, in San Francisco from ‘94 to ‘95.”

Paget Brewster took a break from her history lesson on Tuesday night’s episode to give @DW34 some style tips. Hot or not? #DrunkHistory #DrunkFashion #AmericasNextDrunkModel #ThirstyThursday  (via comedycentral)